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The custom-made, comprehensive construction insurance underwriting system.

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A leading West European insurance company that provides various insurance products to individuals and business customers. The area of business includes household and building insurance, private liability, travel and motor vehicle insurance, health and accident insurance, property and production loss insurance, technical insurance, construction and building insurance, vehicle, fleet and marine insurance, etc.


The company was in the midst of significant business expansion in the area of construction insurance, that required integration of 13 separate client branches and an existing underwriting process designed in the company needed to be optimized in order to speed up the issuing of an insurance policies. The company also needed a solution that could be fully integrated into their corporate infrastructure.

Insurance Software Creation Challenge


To help pace the work, our Business analysts developed Business requirements to guide the team in the work necessary to succeed. Gradually, with a series of Agile sprints our developers were delivering “proof of concept” components of the system. Embedding the quality assurance personnel helped to improve quality and success rates for delivered work.

The implemented dashboards allowed underwriters and sales agents to access ongoing insurance quotes right from the single place. This increased their productivity up to 30%! The time for determining the issuing of an insurance policy reduced respectively.

Underwriting Dashboard

As a main requirement our team implemented a flexible workflow subsystem that allowed to configure the process for different types of insurance policy documents. Based upon the populated data (coverage, special conditions, etc.) the system could decide which workflow needs to be chosen and what risks must be checked by underwriters. This eliminated a human-factor during the process and therefore increased efficiency.

The communication between all involved parties during the insurance quote lifetime became very efficient after chat feature was introduced. Every chat room is focused on particular insurance document, with it’s isolated context and history of changes. The embedded chat-bots notify responsible employees about important events throughout the underwriting process.

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