Ngrx-forms: creating complex forms with Angular

June 25, 2018 in Frontend Development, Software Development


Creating complex forms might be a challenging activity for every front-end developer, no matter what framework they use. For sure, there’re lots of various ways to create forms using modern front-end frameworks. Thus, with latest Angular (6.x) you can create “template driven” and “model driven” or reactive forms out of the box, which is quite something if you want to build simple forms. But what if your forms consist of multiple sub-forms, many inputs depend on each other, their validation rules might dynamically change, etc.? While developing software for the insurance industry, where forms are the crucial part Scalified team has gained a great experience of implementing powerful forms and today we’ll share some experience of how to build really reactive forms with Angular and ngrx-forms.

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Java Backend: Automatic Database Migration With Flyway

January 17, 2018 in Backend Development, Software Development

Database Migration


Database migration is essential and integral process of every software development. From the very begging of application development the number of database migration scripts increases with every feature, which requires database change. This slows down the process of testing, deployment and application integration. All these issues can be effectively solved by automating the process of applying database migration scripts. Flyway is one of the most popular tools in this area. It has plenty of features but most importantly it provides database version control. In this article we are going to configure Flyway tool to automatically apply database migration scripts in a typical Java EE application running inside JBoss container.

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Injecting PDF into an HTML page

January 16, 2018 in Frontend Development, Software Development

Injecting PDF into an HTML

PDF is one of the most widely used format for the web today. Every day people all around the world download PDF files from internet, send PDF documents via email and just read PDF books on their devices. However, it’s not so easy if you want to display some PDF file on your site as a part of the web page. In this article we’re going to have a look at the possible ways for injecting PDF into an HTML page, covering the pros and cons of each method.

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Java Backend: Handling Exceptions in JAX-RS & Java Servlets

November 14, 2017 in Backend Development, Software Development

Java Backend Custom Error Handling


When developing RESTful applications using Java Backend, sooner or later you’ll face with the necessity of handling HTTP errors in a custom way. For example, frontend may require some kind of generic representation of an HTTP error (usually in JSON format), so that it can easily apply a single logic on it.

In Java Backend world, the most popular technology for handling HTTP requests is Java Servlets. It perfectly suits for handling general HTTP requests as well as static resources. RESTful API, on the other hand, is usually handled by another technology, called JAX-RS.

In this article we are going to implement the custom HTTP error handling mechanism for both Java Servlets and JAX-RS technologies.

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Frontend Development: Centering Images with HTML & CSS

November 14, 2017 in Frontend Development, Software Development

Scalified - Outsource Frontend Development

Nowadays, most of the modern websites are using images for various purposes. Starting from visual content and ending with rich UI/UX, images may represent any kind of information in a more convenient and easy way. However, there are several ways how images can be used in frontend development, depending on particular UI and requirements. In this article we’re going to briefly go through the most popular ways to manipulate images in HTML/CSS and also we’ll see how images can be scaled/centered to achieve better user experience.

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